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P2/N95 Disposable Respirators 3 Pack - LIMITED STOCK

Moulded Mask

Newly designed exhalation valve that provides lower exhalation resistance.
Standards: AS/NZS 1716

P2 dusk masks are designed to offer effective protection against particulate hazards. Ideal for workplaces that work with atomised particles like mists, smoke and dust, the masks ensure that the wearer is well-protected.

Application: P2 Protection Against Solid And Liquid Aerosols And Smoke Containing The Following Materials : Calcium Carbonate, China Clay, Cement, Cellulose, Sulphur, Cotton, Flour, Carbon, Ferrous Metals, Hardwood, Silicon, Plastic, Vegetable Oils And Mineral Oils, Copper, Aluminium, Bacteria, Fungi And Mycobacterium Tuberculosis


  1. Soft polypropylene inner layer provides the most intimate touch to your face and maintains excellent facial fit.
  2. Pre-shaped nose cushion and soft closed-cell nose foam ensures custom shape.

Blister pack of 3 masks

Disposable Respirators 3 Pack
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