High quality, premium anti-fatigue mats give workers comfort and safety all day long. Safety-engineered adds stability and extra traction and grip under foot. Standard and Custom made lengths and widths available.

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  • Please Note: Custom made mats are non refundable or returnable. 

Power Pod Anti-Fatigue Matting

Lightweight, multiple colour options available.
power pod matting
Where lightness, durability, and supreme anti – fatigue qualities are demanded no other mat compares with Power Pod.
  • Made to size, Power Pod is 80% lighter than any other mat which means it can easily be picked up and taken away to be cleaned.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean, Power Pod is impervious to oils, acids, chlorine animal fats and solvents.
  • Ideal for Wet and dry applications such as: - Bars, Kitchens, Food Production, Cleaning Bays, Work Stations & Counters, Pool Decks & Change Rooms, Laboratories and Medical Rooms etc.
  • Safety Bevelled Edges on all sides.
Standard Sizes: 
700mm x 860mm
700mm x 1675mm 
1000mm x 1675mm 
1000mm x 3100mm 
1200mm x 2000mm 
Custom Made Sizes: Per Square Metre 
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Bubble Anti-Fatigue Matting
anti fatigue bubble mat






Superb comfort and anti-fatigue
Bubble mat provides superb comfort and anti – fatigue with it’s unique rubber bubble system on the surface hollow half hemisphere construction on the underside. The Bubble mat is extremely durable, sits stable on the floor and will enhance the workers safety and productivity.
  • Ideal for any individual workstation, check - out counter, warehouse and factory areas.
  • Safety yellow borders on all sides
  • Can be custom made into any length and various widths

Standard Sizes
900 x 600mm
900 x 1200mm
Available in continuous lengths. 
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Safety Alert Diamond Spongecote Matting

Safety Alert Diamond Spongecote is a high quality, premium anti-fatigue mat and gives workers comfort and safety all day long. Safety-engineered checker plate textured surface adds stability and extra traction and grip under foot.

  • The resilient nitricell sponge base enhances worker productivity and morale while relieving fatigue throughout the day.
  • Ideal for any dry area - Factories, Warehouse, benches and counters, platforms etc.
  • Extremely durable, easily swept and easy to clean.

Standard Roll Sizes: 
900mm wide & 1200mm wide Rolls.
Per meter cut to size. Maximum Roll length of 22.8m 

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Safety Cushion Diamond Foam Matting

An economical choice for anti-fatigue comfort, Safety Cushion is made of a soft PVC sponge with an ergonomically designed non-slip checker plate textured surface.

  • Safety cushion comes with OH&S bright yellow stripes which guards workers from slips, trips and falls.
  • Ideal for behind benches or long runs along conveyors or factory production lines.

Standard Roll Sizes:

900mm wide & 1200mm wide Rolls.
Per meter cut to size. Maximum Roll length of 18m

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Bevelled Edge Holed Safety Matting

The Bevelled Edged Safety mat is the most versatile mat available. A good all round mat, it will suit almost any application.

A great tool for:

  • Bars, Kitchens, Workshops, Warehouse, Factories and slippery areas.
  • Raised non-slip textured surface with large cylindrical holes and a raised underside to allow spills to pass through.
  • Fully bevelled edges on all sides to prevent tripping and easy trolley access.
  • Wet and Dry applications.


Standard Sizes: 
900 x 900mm
900 x 1500mm
900 x 3000mm

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Modular Interconnecting Matting

Holed or Solid Top Options

Modular Interconnecting Anti Fatigue mat is designed to keep employees comfortable and safe under foot.

  • A durable heavy weight construction and textured non-slip surface provides superb traction and grip.
  • With a modular style and hidden interlocking system this mat is ideal to be used as a single work station mat or to cover large expansive areas or irregular configurations such as U-shapes etc.
  • With holes for drainage. Solid top for dry areas.
  • Black or Yellow attachable ramps available

Standard Sizes:
Tiles: 915 x 915mm 
Ramps: 915 x 80mm 

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Cushion Walk Module Safety Matting

Made from industrial strength 20mm thick resilient natural rubber, Cushion Walk Module Safety mats are virtually unbreakable and come with thick yellow safety borders on all sides or with block sides. 
Cushion Walk Module Safety provides:

  • Superb anti-fatigue and non-slip qualities for the relief of tired, aching feet and back muscles.
  • Ideal for Engineering workshops, in front of machinery, work benches, welding bays and assembly lines.
  • Ideal for Wet and Dry applications.

Standard Sizes: 
1000mm x 1500mm 

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